High performance when most needed

Melicon offers organisations comprehensive solutions around safety and effectiveness basis each clients need. Melicon sort out issues through business analysis concerning logistical flows, productivity, quality and efficiency also taking in health and safety as major cornerstone in the process.

Melicon taking care of the whole spectrum

We do more than the analysis, we can both drive and support the client in the improvement work towards even safer and more efficient operations. We also believe in a long-term view, with the right interventions at the right time, raises the clients organisation to new heights.

Prerequisites for improvement

First, we set the map right around the client’s prerequisites before we start any improvement activities. Only when we work got a common picture of reality with our client, the improvement and risk reduction begins. Advanced Simplicity is the watchword to make operational improvements applied in practice and thus have a lasting result. In other words; Keep it simple.

We got the right tactics

Melicon deliver complete solutions but no shelf warmers. We use the concept of sophisticated simplicity to deliver products and services that are business related and tailored precisely to the individual clients need. A complete solution is only good when you consider that every industry has its own circumstances, each activity is designed in its own way and each client has its own need. Each individual on top of that has her own maturation process when it comes to critical thinking.

Quality management and safety

Melicon supports companies around quality management, from implementing new sustainable systems to audit same or help to sort our deviations, both internally but also against a third party.

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