Efficient and safe management on the oceans

Shipping and logistics industry see a continuous development where there are increasing demands for quality, durability, safety and efficiency. Solutions are often delivered with a focus to solve one of the challenges. Melicons view on this is that concepts are related. Safe navigation is also efficient navigation, a port with safe processes minimize cargo damages and contribute to higher efficiency.

Technical support and documentation

Melicon can with their experience support by developing appropriate technical documentation and investigations prior investments in ships, cargo carriers and infrastructure. This decreases the risk picture in major investments and ensure that investments will return a profit as planned.

Marine Assurance

Whether for an inspection of a ship or an audit on a shore organisation basis ISO, ISM, ISPS or for that matter SIRE, CDI, Melicon offers support and customised solutions to client needs both in short and long term.

Melicon is a partner to clients in developing management systems to both legal requirements and customer requirements, which are met and guaranteed.

Melicons employees have experience from both large and small shipping businesses and shipbuilding.


Port development and intermodal solutions

Melicon has extensive experience in process safety concerning intermodal solutions where the load carrier switching modes. This in both a local and international perspective.

Depending on the carrier type and modes implemented measures are taken to secure both the cargo, people and environment. This  strengthen port operation around processes for increased efficiency, reduced in port time and increased safety.


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