Efficient and secure management of terminals

To maximise efficiency in a given area requires proper design. Melicon has extensive experience in designing logistic areas with the flow in focus, to ensure high productivity and high safety, not least from a work environment perspective. Melicon can develop an optimised solution from scratch or from an existing surface that is in use. Melicon can also perform second opinions on projects carried out by another party where specific detailed knowledge is required for a successful result.

Separation of human and machinery

Separation of modes of transport, human and machinery will optimise the efficiency. Good order and separation contributes to safe processes with fewer deviations and higher productivity.

Right positioned infrastructure

All too often its seen when the physical flow and design of infrastructure not goes hand in hand. Misplaced lighting masts stealing storage space, transformer stations that create bottlenecks or for tight handling spaces that create queues. Within Melicon we talk right positioned infrastructure as we believe that the infrastructure support the flow and not vice versa.

Practical pragmatics

Within Melicon, team members has long experience in planning and designing logistic flows and areas, We have also seen solutions that went through the planning stage, but was not mature for reality in the form of weather impact, actual flows and all too many times, risk to humans and the environment. Our experiences comes handy when we actually know what works in reality.


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