About us

After the summer of 2015, the idea of Kristian Karlsson and Christian Schell formed about starting a company, whose common denominator would be to manage, prevent, correct and evaluate risks in complex environments. This should be done with same or a better efficiency. Their long experience in risk- and operational management in different kinds of demanding and challenging environments represent a broad understanding where risk is managed with improved productivity and increased risk awareness.

Melicon for sustanability and safety

At Melicon we believe in a clear picture on how our company should be managed. We believe in sustainability, high integrity and responsibility. This is not only about safety and environment but also about ethics and human relations.


Our partners

We at Melicon has been very keen to create a network around us which stands for reliability, high quality and great trust.


We are therefore pleased to present a number of partner companies supporting us in delivering client-optimised solutions.



Read more about our partners here.

Our people

Christian Schell

Manging Director

Danijel Skrtic

Management consultant

QHSSE and railway

Kristian Karlsson

Head of Sales

Christopher Blixt

Management consultant

HSSE and logistic management

Ingemar Karlsson

Senior Advisor


Ann-Sofi Schell

Head of Economy and Human Relations

Armin Khazrei


Martin Inemyr

Management consultant

HSSE and logistic management

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